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A very strict teacher by heart: Prof. Ramlal Dhor

When I entered the college Prof. Ramlal Dhar was the first teacher I met. He taught us for two years. Students used to know him as a very strict person. But he has a true heart of an artist. He cant hide his emotion. He was a person who can express his unlikeliness without hiding it and can show his happiness like a child also. People find him a little unpredictable sometimes. His ironic discipline pulled the best out of us. What we were really needed at the early stage of learning is technical things. He always told us to focus on detailing ...

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I found a great teacher: Prof. Manoj Sarkar

I can remember very well the time when I was ready to do anything to enter an Art College. I only knew that I have a gift and a dream but didn't know the way. But I was lucky . In that tough time I found a great teacher like Manoj Sarkar. I clearly remember the first day I met him. He is of  lower average height with an athletic build and a stony expression on his face. His sharp eyes shows intelligence and a touching soul. He was always a topper at his academics and achieved many national and international awards. ...

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Govt. College of Art & Craft: The premier art institution of Kolkata

Government College of Art and Craft, Calcutta (or GCAC in short), the premier art institution of Eastern India, is situated in a picturesque campus covering 1.58 acres of eco-friendly land in the heart of Kolkata. I have spent seven Years during My graduation and masters In  this College. This is a life time experience to be a part of this Institution under Calcutta University, India. 36 reputed artists and academicians looking after different subjects of specialization in theory and practical lessons. Web page:

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