My Paintings

In my painting I always tried to present simple thoughts with necessary details. The motif I am using in a few parts of design is very much Indian and well coordinated with the feel of the painting. My close relation with nature during my childhood also reflects there. We have come across the subject like ‘women and nature’ in several miniature painting and contemporary art. Indian women are symbol of beauty,of an innocent look and mystery of life. Personally I am very much influenced by my Mother and Grand mother for their simple lifestyle and inner strength. As far as I remember during my early days in college, my mother had suggested me to take women as a subject of painting. In Indian mythology we can see goddesses like Lakshmi, Durga, Kali and characters like Sita and Radha. It is like projecting several perspective of women. As an example DURGA  depicts power, KALI – aggressiveness, LAKSHMI – beauty, SARASWATI – innocence, RADHA – love SITA – the ultimate Indian woman. Although I am not a religious person in the tradititional sense of Hinduism, Buddhism or Islam, but I find it  very enchanting. They all have different characteristics. If we compare it with real life, we can find a bit of them all in the women around us. I am induced with the women around me and so it found its way to my work naturally. Nature has its own mood as women, it always has an unexpected appearances or mood and both can create an influence in life.

Those paintings are very close to my soul, sometimes unspeakable thoughts which I try to capture on my canvas. Subjects from daily life, things from real life as we see in our dreams are depicted .Things are close to reality but not totally natural. That is what makes my works romantic, attractive, joy full and soothing for eyes.

Elements and forms of my paintings are not totally flat. They contain a stylized dimension which is influenced by cartoons. That I found from my experience in animation industry. Subjects are like nature, lifestyle, romanticism. My effort is always to maintain a relation between form and color. Those colors represent mystery, renewal and purity, which is an example of good coordination between Indian traditional art and contemporary art form.

In my recent work I am trying to present the inner soul and expressions of humen .