Latest Art Works

Concept Art [“GODDESS DURGA“] by Dipanwita Biswas:

Few years back I went to an interview for a comic book company. From that day the concept of Durga as a warrior princess was in my mind. Finally I did this on paper few days back. It is showing a detailed instruction of this character. I have become fascinated about it.

Background Art [“La La Land“] by Dipanwita Biswas:

Here is a Background Art of a peaceful landscape. Which I like to call “La La Land – Land of Happiness & Glory“. This is a briefly detailed and fully rendered scene. This Art work is showing mood and atmosphere of this place with color balance.



Contemporary & Modern Indian Art [“The Tree”] by Dipanwita Biswas:

We have a “Chatim” Tree just beside the front gate of our college. In Bengali we call it “Chatim”, I don’t know the scientific name. We are used to sit under the tree time to time. That tree I really like to see. It is standing high spreading its branches in round shape, really wonderful. It gives a lovely feeling. Several night I dreamed about it and as a little girl wondering about it. On this canvas I tried to give a vision to that dream of mine.


The Tree

Contemporary & Modern Indian Art [“Magnolia” ] by Dipanwita Biswas:

This painting has its own story behind it. I painted it on 2009 when my sister was getting married. Red color [Sindoor] on woman’s forehead symbol in India of „being married“. The woman is looking at the flower with a little smile on her face, it shows her happiness and completeness of life. Various vibrant colors have been used here as we use it in our Indian festivals.