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INTRODUCTION As a painter when developing style my goal is always remain to do something different but simple and inspiring by day to day life. To achieve that my work also get inflected by my graphic designer part. For a long time I wanted to make a painting subjected to me and my mother in pixelated style. But the idea is, both of our faces will not be visible all together, One will be visible looking through a colored glass. It’s a technique of underpainting is what I want to realize. The technique, I could not plan yet! But the main ...

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A Short Summary: ‘New Sensorium’ and Digital Media

Analyzing New Sensorium The show named ‘New Sensorium Exiting from Failures of Modernization’ is to experiment with visual dimension; These late 1980 born Asian & Eurasian Artists trying to reconcile within the framework of how globalization and digital technologies effect the appearance of human being, existence and universe as ‘New Sensorium’. An assorted visual evidence how alteration in our information environment and alteration in digital technology transforming our relationship between material, information and our existence. Their works are highly moved by dynamic situations occurred by association and disassociation of traditional cultural memories with contemporary in realm of growing modernism and capitalism ...

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