The Making of “Anna Through The Forest” Illustrations

In our lifetime, we pass through many phases, changes, wanted & unwanted situations. When this ‘Anna through the Forest’ script came for illustration, it was not a smooth time for me. I have always been a bookworm (not a geek). I mean to say, I always had real interest in printed words except study books. Well, I didn’t totally hate them, but can’t say that I enjoyed them. That is a whole different topic.

So, when these illustrations needed to be done, I was really struggling with life. I started reading that small poetic story not only to work out on the illustrations, but also for curiosity. I am neither a writer nor a critic, but I can tell instantly that Gabe has written in a very simple way to make it more adaptable for children. Though it is a children’s book projecting very simple philosophy of life, but still it inspires me. Those simple points of view we often forget and make things difficult, complicated and depressive. But if we all really remember it, we will be able to inspire ourselves with a very less effort. Sometimes we grown-ups also need to remember this. Of course, it is also true that there is always a stubborn child remains inside us. I have been grown up reading stories like this and on this stage of life this book helps me again.

When making those illustrations, I exactly knew what I needed to do according to the child inside me. But grown-up ‘me’ was thinking little more complicated. Finally, after finishing the cover page illustration, after few attempts, both parts of me was satisfied. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I would also like to say making these illustrations made a little easy to live in that hard time. It really gave me that strength to go through it. All the illustrations are made by transparent water color on paper.

This is really a nice Book to keep in your collection. Your kids will enjoy the characters (specially Anna) in this book. To collect this book please visit and

Below are some of the interesting examples of Pencil drawing and fully colored illustrations done for this book.