New Artist from India: Ananta Mandal

Ananta Mandal – About the Artist:

I have spent five years with Ananta Mandal  in Govt.  College of Art & Craft Kolkata as classmate.  He is not only a very charming friend also a up-growing artist from India.  He straggled all alone with experimentation on his painting style.

As a good friend I have  experienced  the journey of  his life as a painter  till today.  In his work  he captured  rain-soaked city as well as seascape with  watercolor, acrylic and oil color. As Mithun Pramanik from  Kolkata said “The artist who has always been miles away from limelight will be a special feast to the eyes of art lover”.

To see some superb drawing by the artist Visit:
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Photograph © 2008 copyright Ananta Mandal

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