Intended multi-Imaging technique :
When I tried to achieve the technique of hiding an image in another first thing came to my mind was the movie “ National Treasure”. In that movie the main character was reading a hidden map through ocular colored glasses. Back of my mind I had an idea that though they made that seen through special FX but the whole concept is around that particular scene.

I search google but didn’t get much help about what I intend to do. Neither my previous research opened up a way, but then I realize its all about the relation between CYMK & RGB. RGB and its subgroup CMY form the most primary and recognized color model. By mixing spectral light in varying combinations create additive colors which most commonly used in television screens and computer monitors. It produces colored pixels by firing red, green, and blue electron guns at phosphors on the television or monitor screen.

Every artificial or natural color object absorb some of the wavelengths of light and reflect others, the wavelength reflected or transmitted, actually create the color we see which is the primary color of print production as cyan, magenta, and yellow, as used in four-color process printing. Comparatively red, green, and blue are the primary catalyst for human color concept and also they are the primary additive colors. The relationship between the colors are displayed in the illustrating:

Second clue for me was anaglyph images for 3D. Anaglyph images are much easier to view other than parallel (diverging) or crossed-view pairs stereograms. Despite anaglyphs does not conclude perfect sideby-side types of bright and accurate color rendering. This practice make use of all 3 primary colors. However The current norm is red and cyan.

So this two perception helped me realize that I need to use CMY color for making the image and if I render the image through RGB color wavelength I will be able to create the perfect illusive image as intended.

I started experimenting with those ideas and Finally came up with a prototype image which can potentially hide two other images in it which we wont be easily visualize in normal light.

I also realize that to do that I can not use gradient. Using flat primary color will give more effective result.

Possibility of hiding message which can’t be read through bare eyes!

If we use same three different posture of one particular figure it can make an optical animation!

It is also possible to show different scenario in same space within different time frame!

Depends on how imaginative one can be!



How the print is going to come out just like the digital image ?
Is there is any adjustment need to make ?
Is it practically going to reveal the hidden images under Red, Green & Blue color ?
How the installation will be planned ? How to project human and imagery interaction in terms of visual ability and impact of colored filter ?