Tradition of Indian Art and design are flourishing heavily by combining their cultural background with modern lifestyle and society. With my website I like to project my imaginative perspective and inner self towards things through my art work as an Indian Visual Artist .

Miniature painting always catches my eyes, even when I didn’t know what art it is. Use of bright natural color tones on flat surface and detailing always attract me. My paintings have a great influence by miniature painting. I like to use the black outline and the flat color tones and detail design which is typically for Indian miniature paintings. They are also very much contemporary in using forms and subjects. Both forms and subject I am using are very simple what gives it a different and fresh aspect. Also the opportunity of studying Applied Art/Graphic design and history of modern art movements taught me about contemporary art and its possibilities. My studying in this college opened doors to me to be introduced with different art fields like graphic design, painting (Indian & Western style), craft, textile design, sculpture, print making etc. It helped me to indulge myself in the ‘sea of creation’. I was free to experience the world of painting, illustration,collage making, sketching, photography and same concept and background art. There were unlimited ways to express myself. You will find here all about my art work and small pieces of my every single thought and different activities. There is  something more about new concepts to find here like ongoing activities.